The National Museum of the American Indian Training Program is suspended until further notice while staff assess new program ideas and capabilities.

The Museum Training Program is designed to meet the needs of museums and cultural centers that are owned and/or operated by Native communities and tribal entities. Programs include workshops, museum and repository research, and technical assistance—all using the unique resources and expertise of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI).

Workshops in Museum Training

Museum training workshops provide instruction on museum functions and address the needs of Native museums and cultural centers. Topics arise from field and needs assessments, workshop evaluations, formal training requests, and suggestions from host communities. Past workshops have provided information on museum basics, collections, audience development, exhibitions, archives and research, fundraising, and language preservation. Various Native organizations have hosted workshops across the continent as well as at NMAI facilities in Suitland, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. For information on workshops from 1997 to 2007, see Past Workshops and Participants (pdf).

Museum Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Program provides on-site assistance to Native museums and cultural centers in the form of instruction beyond the NMAI workshop experience. The program is designed to help a Native institution address a specific problem requiring outside expertise. Technical assistance visits by one or more NMAI advisors, dedicated to working with the host site, can be provided at no cost to the local institution depending on availability and whether local resources can be obtained. To apply, a representative of the institution should provide a one-page letter of inquiry on official letterhead describing the type of assistance required by the museum or cultural center. There are no deadlines. Applicants with inquiries about the appropriateness of a request are encouraged to contact program staff prior to submitting an application.

Visiting Indigenous Professional (VIP) Museum Studies Program

The Visiting Indigenous Professional (VIP) Museum Studies Program provides hands-on training in various disciplines to further the experience of individuals currently working in Native museums and cultural centers. The VIP Program also provides technical advice in the planning and development of a museum or cultural center. Areas of interest include collections management, conservation, registration, library services, membership and visitor services, and exhibition development. Candidates are encouraged to contact NMAI staff to explore study options and topic ideas in order to prepare a strong proposal.

Living Homes for Cultural Expression

Living Homes for Cultural Expression: North American Native Perspectives on Creating Community Museums is the Museum Training Program’s guide to tribal museums and cultural centers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The book is available free as a downloadable pdf. To order copies on CD, please contact the Museum Training Program via phone or email. To order printed books, visit the museum's online store.