Wedding sash/Rain sash

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A:shiwi (Zuni)
Douglas D. Graham, Non-Indian, 1849-1914
Previous owner
Douglas D. Graham, Non-Indian, 1849-1914
Evelyn B. Lent (Evelyn White Brinckerhoff/Mrs. Ward S. Lent), Non-Indian, 1890-1970
Heloise G. B. Oman (Heloise Graham Brinckerhoff/Mrs. Charles M. Oman), Non-Indian, 1885-1966
Mary F. B. Van Houten (Mary Franklin Brinckerhoff/Mrs. John M. Van Houten), Non-Indian, 1894-1964
Beatrice A. B. Young (Beatrice A. Brinckerhoff/Mrs. Alexander M. Young), Non-Indian, 1895-1973
Object Name
Wedding sash/Rain sash
Cotton yarn
Object Type
Ceremonial/Ritual items
Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation; McKinley County; New Mexico; USA
Collection History
Collected by Douglas D. Graham (1849-1914), probably between the late 1870s and about 1906, when he was a trader and U.S. Indian Agent at Zuni, New Mexico; donated to MAI in 1960 by his nieces Evelyn Brinckerhoff Lent (Mrs. Ward S. Lent, 1890-1970), Heloise Graham Brinckerhoff Oman (Mrs. Charles M. Oman, 1885-1966), Beatrice Brinckerhoff Young (Mrs. Alexander M. Young, 1895-1973), and Mary Franklin Brinckerhoff Van Houten (Mrs. John M. Van Houten, 1894-1964).
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A:shiwi (Zuni)
Ceremonial/Ritual items
Data Source
National Museum of the American Indian
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